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hollyhock house modelHollyhock House Facade Model Small

Hollyhock House was Frank Lloyd Wright's first Los Angeles project and was completed in 1923. The house takes its name from the favourite flower of Alice Barnsdall who commissioned the building: the hollyhock is used as a central theme to the house, with many symmetrical decorations adapting the plant's general appearance. Over the years the house and grounds have been altered to meet the needs of various occupiers. However a major rehabilitation, started in 1974 and still ongoing, has helped restore much of the building's original appearance. The inclusion of a modern theatre, galleries and studios has brought the complex closer to its original goal as a functioning arts complex. This architectural sculpture of Hollyhock House's facade was handcrafted by the duo Chisel & Mouse in their studio in Sussex, England and is made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth, cool feel. See more work from Chisel & Mouse here.

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Size: 5" x 6" x 2.5"

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