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sears tower postcardSears Tower Postcard--Build Your Own Chicago

At 1454 feet and 110 stories tall, the Sears Tower was the tallest building from its construction in 1974 until 1998. The stepped-back profile, reminiscent of skyscrapers of the 1920s, is a solution to the engineering challenge of supporting such a tall tower. The building consists of nine separate structural tubes which are bound together to strenghten the central sections extending the full height of the tower. This card includes all pieces and instructions necessary to make a complete paper model at 1:4000 scale, approx. 5.25" tall. All the cards in the Build Your Own Chicago series are mailable postcards, with space on the reverse for a stamp and address and a message. Each card also includes a short but informative description of the landmark the model represents. Instructions are included in the form of multi-lingual isometric diagrams. There is also a Build Your Own New York series.

Size: card--4-5/8" x 6-3/4"

Design: Matt Bergstrom

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