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bauhaus-around-you-card-deck.JPGBauhaus Around You Card Deck

Bauhaus Around You is a card deck that challenges users to find classic design styles and ideas in their everyday environments.  Through this deck, players will use the influential design school, the Bauhaus (1919-1933), as a jumping off point for an open-ended exercise that combines elements of physical exploration, design thinking and creative prompts to spark ideas and discussions around the meaning of design in daily life today. Cards are divided into three categories of participation: explore, think, and create.   Cards are color coded for their categories and paired with prompts for creative exercises. Prompts are crafted so that each user’s findings will be unique to them.   The deck contains 36 playing cards, each showcasing a different Bauhaus design or idea.  Play individually or with others, this card deck is for design enthusiasts and students alike.  Illustrations by Klasja Habjan.

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