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The Future ARchitect's Tool KitThe Future Architect's Tool Kit

By Barbara Beck

Children with dreams of designing buildings will discover how architects
actually work in this workbook, which builds on the concepts introduced
in The Future Architect's Handbook. It walks readers through the
drawings created by Aaron, a young architect building his own home.
Going a step further, children will learn the steps necessary to create
their own drawings and build a model of their design, using an included
tool kit consisting of graph paper and an architect's scale, pencil, and
drafting eraser. Finally, readers are challenged to design homes for an
eclectic group of clients. Freehand pen-and-ink drawings bring the
instructions to life. This book is the perfect introduction to what an
architect does at work and why buildings look and function as they do.
Ideal for middle grades ages 8–13, but creative adults will also find it
inspiring. Publisher: Schiffer

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