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citycritters black squirrel solo sm.jpg"City Critters" Black Squirrel

Walking down a Washington, D.C. tree-lined street or strolling through one of the many grassy parks, you'll undoubtedly encounter this cute, little, City Critter, the black squirrel. Although squirrels might be hated by some, these furry black critters are adorable and full of personality. Made from woolen socks, these soft and cuddly black squirrels come from Ireland where they were sewn by hand to become a personal pet for your own animal menagerie, exclusively for the National Building Museum. Where did the black squirrels that roam Washington, D.C. originate? In 1902, eight black squirrels from Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, were sent to the National Zoo. The black squirrels were accepted in exchange for a number of gray squirrels from the Smithsonian. The black and gray squirrels are the same species of squirrel, the only difference being a color variation. The Canadian squirrels were released in Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo and spread northward to Cleveland Park and beyond. It is likely that every black squirrel you see today is related to those from Canada.

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