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black georgetwn remembered.jpgBlack Georgetown Remembered: 25th Anniversary Edition

By Kathleen Menzie Lesko, Valerie M. Babb, and Carroll R. Gibbs

Black Georgetown Remembered reveals a rich but little-known history of the Georgetown Black community from the colonial period to the present. Drawing on primary sources, including oral interviews with past and current residents and extensive research in church and historical society archives, the authors record the hopes, dreams, disappointments, and successes of a vibrant neighborhood as it persevered through slavery and segregation, war and peace, prosperity, and depression.  This twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Black Georgetown Remembered, first published in 1991, features more than two hundred illustrations, including portraits of prominent community leaders, sketches, maps, and nineteenth century and contemporary photographs.  Black Georgetown Remembered is a compelling and inspiring journey through more than two hundred years of history.  A one-of-a-kind book, it invites readers to share in the lives, dreams, aspirations, struggles, and triumphs of real people, to join them in their churches, at home, and on the street, and to consider how the unique heritage of this neighborhood intersects and contributes to broader themes in African American and Washington, DC, history, and urban studies.  Georgetown University Press, hardcover, 206 pages.


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