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DC Go Go_small.jpgDC Go-Go: Ten Years Backstage

By Chip Py, Foreword by Greg Boyer

D.C. represent! There’s a party over here—there’s a party over there! In go-go, the party never stops, and neither does the beat. The bands, the stars, the clubs, the spots, the sweat, the late nights and the passion are the sound of the city—all photographically captured and preserved right here. For those who know go-go, this book is a documentary celebration. Shout yourself out with a special photographic section dedicated to the fans. For those who don’t know, this book is a peek into that world through the lens of Chip Py. Once Chuck Brown’s photographer, his collection of images is now part of the People’s Archive at the D.C. Public Library. Discover the District’s distinctive music, its artists, its culture and why go-go has become “the official music of Washington, D.C.”  Publisher:  Arcadia Publishing, paperback, 208 pages.

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