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The Life of Olgivanna Lloyd WrightThe Life of Olgivanna Lloyd Wright

By Maxine Fawcett-Yeske and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

While much has been written about the life and the innovative organic
architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, little scholarly attention has
focused on Wright's third wife, Olgivanna, the individual who sparked a
renaissance in Wright's career from the time of the couple's first
meeting in1924. Mystery has long surrounded public knowledge of
Montenegrin born, Olgivanna Lazovich, granddaughter of a noteworthy
Montenegrin patriot, and daughter of the Supreme Court Justice of
Montenegro (her father) and a general in the Montenegrin army (her
mother). This book marks the release of Olgivanna Lloyd Wright's
previously unpublished autobiography. It traces her journey from
Montenegro, to Russia, to Paris, where she studied with George Ivanovich
Gurdjieff at the Institute of the Harmonious Development of Man, to the
United States, through her 35-year partnership with Frank Lloyd Wright,
and her unrelenting efforts to keep her husband's ideas and dreams
alive after his death. The Wrights' life together was marked with
turmoil and disappointment, yet the couple also traveled in an exciting
circle of friends and acquaintances and was enriched by the youthful
spirit and creativity of the young apprentices who came to study at the
Taliesin Fellowship.

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