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Souvenir Buildings Miniature MonumentsSouvenir Buildings : Miniature Monuments

By Margaret Majua & David Weingarten

The Statue of Liberty, the Parthenon, and the Tower of London are just a few of the hundreds of remarkable souvenir buildings in this book. No type of building, from any place or time, has escaped the collection of Ace Architects, which is regarded as having the best single collection of its kind. The heyday of souvenir buildings was the early decades of the twentieth century, and the range of buildings included here is nothing short of encyclopedic: there are replicas of holy places and football stadiums; dams and bridges; castles and forts; tepees and skyscrapers; ancient monuments and commemorative sites. With this book in the palm of your hand, you never have to leave home again to experience the architectural wonders of the world.

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