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Time Warp through Coraline's Door and into Treasure! dream h

Time Warp through Coraline’s Door and into Treasure!  Dream House

Created by Sushmita Mazumdar
Arlington, Virginia


Artist Statement:

When Sushmita left India to come to the US to marry her sweetheart, she had to tear herself away from a family, a place, a culture, and an identity that had formed over 29 years. As she started her new family in a new culture a new identity started to form. She was now also a wife, and immigrant, a foreigner, and a mom. And then, she was an artist and writer. When her friend asked her why all the stories she writes for her handmade artist’s storybooks were about a girl from India, Sushmita realized that a physical move hardly represents places where the soul resides.

In her Dream Room: Time Warp through Coraline’s Door and into Treasure! Sushmita imagines a place for the unfinished conversations, the constellations of untold stories, and the characters from her life that are lost in time. She dreams of a tiny Coraline’s door of her own that would take her into another world, through a tear in time, where she could meet people like they were “back then” so she could finish the conversations and record the stories from that vast treasure she left behind.


Dream Houses will remain in the Small Stories exhibition until it closes on January 22, 2017. The National Building Museum will then contact purchaser with details about how they can obtain their items, and any shipping charges will be determined at that time.

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