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Twenty Over Eighty: Conversations with Legends of ArchitectuTwenty Over Eighty: Conversations with Legends of Architecture and Design

By Aileen Kwun and Bryn Smith

20 Over 80 features profiles and interviews with twenty creative professionals over the age of 80 who have dedicated their lifetimes to design.  In revealing conversations with creative minds from a broad variety of fields -from architecture and advertising to furniture, product, industrial, and graphic design - design writers Aileen Kwun and Bryn Smith spotlight makers and thinkers who continue to experiment, innovate, and make vital contributions to their disciplines well into their eighth decade. 20 Over 80 is not only a record of their remarkable histories and experiences, but also a source of knowledge and inspiration for contemporary creatives and generations of designers to come. This volume includes architect Beverly WIllis who is a founding trustee of the National Building Museum.  Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press


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