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Labyrinths and MazesLabyrinths & Mazes: A Journey Through Art, Architecture, and Landscape

By Francesca Tatarella

The labyrinth is one of the world's oldest symbols, and its meaning is
often shrouded in myth and mystery or ties to religious rites. Today,
this enigmatic form inspires artists to create their own interpretations
in different, even unusual, ways, including by working with materials
as varied as ice, snow, salt, wood, stone, glass, cement, and metal.
This new collection features both classical examples and the best
contemporary projects, showcasing work by artists, landscape artists,
and architects from around the world. The diverse and stunning examples
include pavement labyrinths of thirteenth-century French cathedrals, a
historic English turf maze, Renaissance hedge mazes, and numerous
present-day projects by artists and architects, including BIG, Chris
Drury, Richard Fleischner, Dan Graham, Robert Irwin, Arata Isozaki,
Robert Morris, Yoko Ono, and Billie Tsien and Tod Williams. Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

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