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aalto dual bowl 2 turq whiteAalto Dual Colored Bowl from Iittala

Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto revolutionized the field of glass design in the 1930s with the creation of this now world-famous vase. Its freeform shape, designed for the 1937 World Fair in Paris, was a dramatic departure from the symmetry of traditional glass design. Myths surround the shape’s inspiration—some say it’s based on sketches made with the alias “The Eskimo Woman’s Leather Breeches,” while others point to the Finnish landscape and lakes. Either way, it’s become one of the world’s most famous glass objects and is exhibited in many design museums. Today the Aalto Vase, part of the Alvar Aalto Collection of housewares, is as innovative as it was 70 years ago and is created according to the same exacting standards--each piece is hand-blown from durable, lead-free crystal. Vases can be displayed as a group or as a single work of art. The Dual Colored Bowls bear the same shape as the iconic Vase and feature a white interior or exterior with another color--Apple Green and Purple are new for this year. See more items from Iittala here

Please note: limited quantities available.

Size: 2" x 7.5"

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