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Aino Aalto 6.25Aino Aalto 6.25" Bowl Set of Two

In 1932 Finnish architect and designer Aino Aalto entered a design competition held by the Karhula Glassworks of Finnland. Her entry, 'Bölgeblick' (Finnish for 'rings of water'), was inspired by the ripples created from throwing stones into water. The design won second place, beating out, among others, Alvar Aalto, and is the basis for the pieces in Iittala's Aino Aalto Collection of dinnerware. The simplicity, space-saving shape and versatility of the original design have stood the test of time, making the Aino Aalto form a modern classic. See more items from Iittala here.

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Size: 6.25" diameter, 13.5 oz volume

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