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Movie Theaters of Washington, DCMovie Theaters of Washington, DC

By Robert K. Headley and Pat Padua

Movie Theaters of Washington, DC charts the storied history of motion
picture exhibition in the nation's capital. In 1894, entertainment
venues were repurposed to show newfangled moving images and continued to
do so through the downtown heyday of such 1920s baroque movie palaces
as the 3,400-seat Fox. In the late 20th century, shoebox theaters dotted
the nearby suburbs. In a landscape that has transformed over the
decades, majestic landmarks, such as the Uptown, which opened in 1936,
remain and are still going strong, and theaters like the Warner survived
the dark days of downtown's commercial decline to be repurposed as
thriving stage venues. While certain favorites have fallen to the
wrecking ball, the Washington area has seen, along with a rejuvenated
downtown, a vibrant movie scene for both mainstream blockbusters and art
house fare with the Regal Gallery Place multiplex and more new theaters
to come.

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