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Louis-Sullivan-embossed-notecards.jpgLouis Sullivan Designs Boxed Embossed Notecards

Louis Sullivan’s designs stand—among stiff competition—as the preeminent exemplars of Chicago School architecture. He brought to his practice a conviction that ornamentation should arise naturally from a building’s overall design, restating, in a large or small way, themes expressed in the structure as a whole. The designs adapted for this notecard assortment combine Art Nouveau complexity with geometric elegance, and in doing so epitomize the Sullivan sensibility. Please note: the images are not printed with ink. The shapes of the illustrations are embossed on high-quality recycled paper. Contains three each of the following notecards: Adaptation from ornamental medallion on Schlesinger & Mayer (now Carson Pirie Scott) department store, 1899/1904; adaptation from ornamental detail on Auditorium Building, 1887–1889; adaptation from ornamental grillwork on Schlesinger & Mayer (now Carson Pirie Scott) department store, 1899/1904; and adaptation from ornamental detail on Getty Tomb, 1890.  Twelve 4.75” x 6” cream colored embossed notecards (3 each of 4 designs) with soft white envelopes in a decorative box.

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