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lego note brick.jpgLEGO® Note Brick (yellow/orange)

Looks just like stacked LEGO® bricks!  Note-taking has never been this fun!  This box contains over 200 colorful note sheets, each with a LEGO® brick design on one side and room on the other side for notes to save or send.  Doubling as a keepsake box, the LEGO® Note Brick is a perfect way to bring joy to friends, family, and the LEGO® lovers in your life.  Box with lid (3 1/8 x 5 x 1½ inches) is designed to resemble a block of LEGO® bricks. The box contains 224 full-color notes, each with a LEGO® brick design on one side.  When you’ve used up all the notes, the box can double as a place to organize and store your favorite LEGO® bricks.  A great gift for both young LEGO® lovers and adult fans of LEGO®, as well as for those who enjoy unique stationery.

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