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Parking Management for Smart GrowthParking Management for Smart Growth

By Richard W. Willson

The average parking space requires approximately 300 square feet of asphalt. That's the size of a studio apartment in New York City or enough room to hold 10 bicycles. Space devoted to parking in growing urban and suburban areas is highly contested--not only from other uses from housing to parking is a free-for-all--a competitive sport--with arbitrary winners and losers.  Historically, drivers have been the overall winners in having free or low-cost parking, while an oversupply of parking has created a hostile environment for pedestrians.

In the last 50 years, parking management has grown from a minor aspect of local policy and regulation to a central position in the provision of transportation access.  The higher densities, tight land supplies, mixed land uses, environmental and social concerns, and alternative transportation modes of Smart Growth demand a different approach--actively managed parking.

This book offers a set of tools and a method for strategic parking management so that communities can better use parking resources and avoid overbuilding parking. At its essence, the book provides a path forward for strategic parking management in a new era of tighter parking supplies. Publisher: Island Press

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