Save the Edhzhe National Wildlife Area

Crucial wildlife habitat in the Northwest Territories is in danger of losing its protection --
but you can help!

On October 31, 2010, the federal government failed to renew crucial interim protections which had been in place for over eight years on the land beneath Edéhzhíe, one of the most revered sites of the Dehcho and Tlicho Dene communities around Great Slave Lake. This decision opens Edéhzhíe to mining and drilling before it is permanently protected as a National Wildlife Area (NWA) and puts this irreplaceable region at risk.

Situated along the headwaters of the mighty Mackenzie River, Edéhzhíe - also known as the Horn Plateau - is an important wetland stop-over for

 Edehzhie map

globally significant numbers of birds, including Tundra Swan and Greater White-fronted Goose, and contains the Mills Lake Important Bird Area. It also provides habitat for species at risk, including boreal woodland caribou, wood bison and wolverine.

Edehzhie - photo by J Lariviere
Edéhzhíe, photo by J. Larivière

The Government of Canada must act immediately to reinstate interim protection for Edéhzhíe's subsurface lands. John Duncan, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, has the power to recommend an Order in Council that would clearly protect Edéhzhíe until creation of the NWA is complete. Without this immediate action, Edéhzhíe National Wildlife Area could fail to become a reality and we would lose this unique and bountiful region of Canada's North.


  • John Baird
  • John Duncan
  • Stephen Harper
  • Christian Paradis


Reinstate interim subsurface protection for Edhzhe

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to reinstate the interim subsurface withdrawal for the Edhzhe candidate National Wildlife Area. This temporary ban on mining and drilling had been in place since 2002 to allow orderly planning for the protected area to proceed. On October 31, 2010, your government failed to renew Edhzhe's interim subsurface withdrawal.

I am deeply concerned by your decision to re-open the area to industrial exploitation at this time, jeopardizing the discussions between the Government of Canada and the Dehcho and Tlicho Dene.

Please act immediately to reinstate interim subsurface protection for this area and resume the planning process towards establishing Edhzhe National Wildlife Area. Please protect this exceptional territory for future generations.

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