Complete Canada's National Park System

Celebrate Our National Parks – Take Action to Complete Canada's National Park System!

Algonquin  Park shutterstock_1913206_200w.jpgCanada has one of the most extensive, best managed, and highly respected national park systems in the world – and our national parks are a source of pride for Canadians.

Even so, Canada has set aside less than 10% of its land and waters for protection – a small fraction of this vast country’s wilderness. That’s less than what a dozen other western democracies like the United States, France and Germany have protected.

Encourage Canada to honour its commitment to create a national park in each of this country's 39 natural regions.


  • Peter Kent


Complete Canada's National Parks System

Dear  [Decision Maker],

National parks are places of natural beauty that are protected and preserved for all Canadians and for the world. They produce clean air and water, help regulate the climate, and provide habitat for endangered species and other wildlife. Canada's national parks create jobs and support local businesses, and spending time in parks improves people's physical and mental health and well-being.

I was pleased by the government's commitment to create significant new protected areas and to engage a broad range of stakeholders on the development of a National Conservation Plan. I applaud the recent steps toward marine ecosystem preservation with the creation of the first four National Marine Conservation Areas, notably Lake Superior and Gwaii Haanas.

I encourage you to continue the work of completing the national parks system, by creating a national park in each of this country's 39 natural regions.

Thank you for considering my views.

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