Last Dance for Greater Sage Grouse in Canada?

Greater Sage GrouseKnown for its spectacular mating dance, the Greater sage-grouse is an endangered species on the brink of extinction in Canada. Recent scientific research suggests that the decline of the species is due in large part to the damage oil and gas development has done to the habitat they need to live, breed and raise their young.

The few remaining sage-grouse in Canada are found in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Without emergency protection for their grassland habitat, sage-grouse are expected to disappear from Alberta within two years and from Saskatchewan within ten years.

Under the federal law that protects species at risk (Species at Risk Act or SARA), Canada's Environment Minister must recommend emergency protection for sage-grouse when there are clear and imminent threats to its survival. Given the alarming rate of the iconic bird’s decline, it’s time to call on the Minister to stand up for the species he’s legally bound to protect.

Ecojustice has submitted a legal petition on behalf of Nature Canada and 10 other environmental groups asking the federal Environment Minister to help stop the sage-grouse from going extinct in Canada by protecting the habitat they require to survive and recover.

Please join us by sending your letter of support for immediate, emergency action to prevent the extinction of the Greater sage-grouse in Canada. 


  • Leona Aglukkaq


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Save Canada's Greater Sage Grouse

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The sage-grouse, which, in Canada, now lives only in Alberta and Saskatchewan, is an endangered species under both provincial and federal laws. Sage-grouse is currently on the brink of extinction from Canada, having experienced extreme recent population declines and serious, ongoing habitat degradation and loss.

In light of the circumstances set out above, sage-grouse unquestionably faces imminent threats to its survival in Canada. I urge you to recommend an emergency order and to ensure that the federal government immediately identifies and meaningfully protects all critical habitat necessary for the survival and recovery of the sage-grouse. You have the power and duty to prevent this magnificent bird from becoming extinct in Canada.

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