Do You Love Endangered Species?

Red-headed WoodpeckerCanada’s plant and animal species are the basic building blocks for the natural systems we rely on to provide us with clean water, clean air, productive soil, pollination, food, pest and disease control and carbon storage. The long-term health and stability of these natural systems depends on maintaining the diversity of their species and healthy ecosystems.

As the federal government considers changes to the Species at Risk Act, here’s our vision for protecting endangered wildlife in Canada:

  • Conservation first, then sustainable development. Adequate habitat should be preserved through a network of interconnected protected areas before development takes place, so our wildlife have the space they need to survive. 
  •  Strong federal commitment is absolutely essential to identify the wildlife species that need help; restrict activities that threaten or kill them; protect their habitat; and take active steps to help them recover. And we need to do this for all species at risk within our borders.

  • Deciding whether a species is at risk, and preparing recovery plans to save those species, should be science-based, not based on politics, or socioeconomic considerations. These principles must be maintained if we are going to prevent extinctions and spur recovery.
  • Endangered species and people are better off when we feel connected to nature – celebrating its wonder, understanding its complexity and protecting it for future generations.

If you believe in these principles for effective protection of our most vulnerable species, please share your opinions with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister Peter Kent.  Send a letter today.


  • Stephen Harper
  • Peter Kent


Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to you today because I support strong efforts that protect wildlife and the environment (and in turn, our economy) and I support a strong government commitment to fully implement and enforce federal endangered species laws.

Thank you for considering my views and I look forward to your response.

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