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Our Students Deserve More -- Invest in Public Schools


  • Congress must reject the President’s newly released budget proposal to avoid the devastating impact it would have on students and schools.

  • The President’s budget proposal cuts $9 billion – or 13% – from the federal education budget.

  • It offers no additional funding for IDEA (maintaining a $13 billion investment), leaving special education without any new resources to better support students and families.

  • It  completely eliminates more than 20 programs, including  $2.4 billion  in  professional development for  teachers;  $1.2 billion for  before- and after-school programs;  $190 million  to support literacy instruction; and  residency programs  for teachers-in-training.
  • The budget proposal includes funding for a private school voucher program, supporting schools that do not have to provide special education services and rights to students with disabilities.

  • The next step in this process is for Congress to now decide which programs they want to fund and how much money they want to give to each. Now is the time for parents to speak out and tell Congress what matters to them.



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(Need more information about this alert? Read NCLD's blog about the President's budget proposal for FY 2018 and how the process will unfold. You can also read what NCLD's CEO & President has to say about the budget.)

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Progress: 74%
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Invest in Public Schools and Provide a Quality Education for All Students

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a voter who cares about a child with learning and attention issues and I strongly urge you to invest in public schools.

President Trump's budget recommends cutting $9 billion from federal education programs. This is unacceptable to me. Instead, I call on you my elected representative to support investment in public schools, specifically in programs that provide a quality education for all students and greater resources to support our nation's teachers.

Specifically, the President's misguided proposal eliminates programs such as Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants which provides professional development for teachers, 21st Century Community Learning Centers which provides before-and-after school programs, and a comprehensive literacy grant program which supports evidence based instruction. These programs are vital to the success of students and the health of our nation's schools. Schools cannot afford to go without these funds and students should not have to suffer the consequences of these programs being eliminated.

I also urge you to reject any proposal that shifts federal dollars away from public education or uses public funds to pay for programs that require students with disabilities to give up their rights. Voucher programs only serve to create separate education systems that are not equal for all students. We must protect education funding and invest in improving local public schools.

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