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Alex Shopov
Swampscott, Massachusetts

In addition to working and volunteering in various departments at the Aquarium for more than two years, Alex is a professional magician, prolific illustrator, a graduate student in environmental management and an Emmy Award-winning special effects artist. The 2014 Boston Marathon® will mark his first time running the 26.2.

“You’re on the team!” I almost crashed my car when I heard those words.

I became a runner later in life than most, but it didn’t take me long to realize how well it suited me. There’s no feeling like the meditative state where it’s just me and the road, one foot in front of the other, stride after stride. I love every minute, and running the Boston Marathon on behalf of the New England Aquarium is an honor I can’t begin to describe.

I also love the oceans, an affair that began at an early age. I’ve worked in oceanographic research, embraced my inner fish with a SCUBA tank on my back, and advocated on behalf of marine life around the world. The New England Aquarium has given me the opportunity to be a direct part of the protection of the blue planet, as well as the pleasure of sharing the wonders of life with the guests who walk through our door. Everything is interconnected, and we must all work together to ensure that the oceans stay healthy not just for us, but for those who will follow in our footsteps long after we’re gone.

Let’s suit up!

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The New England Aquarium is an official charity of the 118th Boston Marathon. Funds raised by our runners will support hands-on, interactive outreach programs that reach 45,000 children in diverse communities every year. Through your generosity, Aquarium educators will inspire young children to learn about and protect the world’s oceans.

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Progress: 87%
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