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Rob Wilhite
Denver, Colorado

Although he lives in a landlocked state, Rob loves to dive and wants to help protect our limited resources. He has competed in multiple Ironman triathlons since 2010, but this will be his first time running the Boston Marathon® 

This will be my first Boston Marathon experience and I am very excited. 

I currently live in Denver where I work as a trial attorney. Living in Denver allows me to train in some beautiful country. 

This upcoming year I will be racing in three different Ironman events, while running in Boston in between. These athletic endeavors give me a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of trial work. 

I chose to run for the New England Aquarium because I enjoy the ocean and all the wonders that it provides.

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The New England Aquarium is an official charity of the 118th Boston Marathon. Funds raised by our runners will support hands-on, interactive outreach programs that reach 45,000 children in diverse communities every year. Through your generosity, Aquarium educators will inspire young children to learn about and protect the world’s oceans.

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Progress: 50%
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