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John Brown and Kay Pon-Brown
Atlanta, Georgia

John and Kay were members of the inaugural New England Aquarium Marathon Team last year. In 2014 they will mark their silver anniversary of running the Boston Marathon®.

Our 25th consecutive Boston Marathon!

After qualifying for and running their 23rd consecutive Boston Marathon in 2012, John Brown and Kay Pon-Brown decided to combine another passion with their annual destination vacation: community commitment and volunteerism. The current Atlantans (GA)—and former Boiseans (ID)—contribute time and energy into their local community. In 2013, their volunteer goals extended to Boston and the New England Aquarium, and in 2014 they’re excited to continue their commitment.

When the New England Aquarium appeared on the official Boston Marathon charities list, we immediately applied to join the team of this exemplary advocate of nature. The first year we qualified for Boston, our son Jason insisted on visiting the Aquarium. We want to repay the marathon-embracing Boston area through community involvement, and the Aquarium ideally matches; Kay currently volunteers at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, and we seek out and enjoy aquariums worldwide. 

What an honor to represent the New England Aquarium for a second year! Please contribute to the Aquarium’s critical outreach programs!

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The New England Aquarium is an official charity of the 118th Boston Marathon. Funds raised by our runners will support hands-on, interactive outreach programs that reach 45,000 children in diverse communities every year. Through your generosity, Aquarium educators will inspire young children to learn about and protect the world’s oceans.

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Progress: 105%
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