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Missouri's Senate Resolution 39 (SR 39), made famous by the 39 hour filibuster held last month to try to stop this anti-LGBTQ bill from passing in the Senate, is now moving through the House.

If this bill is passed in the House, it will place on the ballot a far reaching, overly broad religious exemption that would permit businesses, government, and social services to deny much needed service to the people of Missouri, including LGBTQ people. We need you to contact your legislators and demand that they stop this bill from moving forward and creating a hostile environment in a state known for welcoming all.


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Nix Missouri's anti-LGBTQ SR 39 now

Dear [Decision Maker],

I believe that discrimination is morally wrong. I was appalled to learn that SR 39 is moving in the House after the Senate made our state the laughing stock of the nation last month by passing a bill that could legally permit discrimination in our state.

I urge you to reject blanket discrimination in the form of SR 39.

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