October 20 is National Call-In Day for Health Reform

Call Your Members of Congress: Tell Them It’s Time to Deliver

Make a CallYour voice is key in creating real health reform. Join millions of Americans around the country for a national Call-In Day to Congress on October 20 and tell your representatives:

It’s Time to Deliver real health reform that includes mental health and substance use services.

We’ve made great strides in making mental health and substance use services a part of health reform. Legislation being considered by Congress includes mental health and substance use benefits in plans for the uninsured. Parity requirements are included in legislation now being considered. These bills also make improvements in care coordination. And a number of proposals expand prevention programs and initiatives. You can read a summary of all the bills here.

But Congress needs to hear from you about the importance of these steps. Raise your voice and tell your Senators and Representative it’s time to deliver health reform that:

  • Covers the uninsured;
  • Includes coverage for mental health and substance use conditions;
  • Improves care coordination and integration of mental health and general health;
  • Makes prevention of mental health and substance use conditions priorities.

Please make three calls on October 20: two to each of your Senators and one to your Representative.

Contact your Senators and Representatives by:

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

ZIP Code:    

Tell them their work isn’t done. It’s time to deliver on health reform and mental health and substance use services.

Your voice will make the difference!