Tell Your Governor To Stop Congress From Repealing Mental Health Reforms

Dear Advocate,

Congress relies on the nation’s governors to tell them how the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which we’re calling Trumpscare, will impact mental health and substance use disorder (MH/SUD) in their states.

Governors need to relate to their members of Congress what future governors will be forced to do ten and twenty years from now, even if not eliminated entirely, over time coverage for MH/SUD will get worse under the AHCA - the Medicaid cuts get deeper, and the effects of millions of people becoming uninsured will grow and multiply, affecting all sectors of states’ budgets.  

We must make sure Congress is thinking about the future of treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorder—for us, for our country, for our communities, and for our children.

Take Action Now!

Click the button above to contact your governor and ask them right away to let Congress know how important mental health reform is in the states.

If you already contacted your members of Congress, thank you, and please do so again—it's urgent that they hear from you before the vote in the House on Thursday!


As always, thank you for your advocacy!


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Paul Gionfriddo
President & CEO
Mental Health America