2019 Lurie Cancer Center Cancer Survivors' Celebration Walk & 5K

Chuck's Champions

Chuck was a truly remarkable man with a rare blend of intelligence, determination, enthusiasm, humility, and perhaps most importantly, compassion. Chuck cared more about others than himself, and he spent both his personal and professional life giving to others and improving the world around him.

It will not surprise anyone visiting this site that following his diagnosis with Stage IV Lung Cancer in October 2016, Chuck dove headfirst into the world of oncology, with the goal of helping others in his position. In the midst of his own battle with the disease, he dedicated his time and energy to advocating for innovative cancer treatments and helped guide initiatives to improve patient care. In doing so, he took on leadership positions with the American Cancer Society and the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, met with oncology researchers, and lobbied Congress to increase support for personalized cancer treatments.


During the 2.5 years between his diagnosis and his passing, Chuck made a monumental impact not only on the strategic direction of the Lurie Cancer Center and ACS but on countless individuals he interacted with, whose work and impact will continue long after Chuck’s passing. His diagnosis was tragic, but it is a testament to the wonderful person Chuck was that he turned a personal tragedy into a way to help others and make the world a better place.


We are all here to honor Chuck and to thank him for everything he gave each of us during his time on this Earth. There is nothing that would make him happier than knowing his family, friends, and colleagues are gathering together to support the Lurie Cancer Center in his honor.


So from Chuck and his family, thank you! Thank you for honoring and celebrating the wonderful man Chuck was. Thank you for contributing to a cause that was dear to him. And thank you for for helping to accelerate vital research to prevent, detect, and treat cancer, improving the lives of patients walking similar paths as Chuck. We are sincerely grateful. 
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