2019 HOPE BridgeWalk

Women's OB/ID Clinic

Dear Family and Friends, 

We’re excited to tell you that during the months of September and October, we will be doing the 2019 HOPE BridgeWalk across the 18 Chicago river bridges.

Your support will help us raise funds for HOPE to fight newborn HIV at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. HOPE at Northwestern Memorial Hospital supports the Women’s HIV Program at the Infectious Disease Center at the hospital.

This program is dedicated to the treatment of women with HIV or AIDS and the prevention of transmission of HIV to newborns. Since 1999, this program has effectively prevented newborn HIV resulting in over 500 healthy newborns and millions of dollars of savings in preventative medical treatment.

Each dollar donated to the HOPE BridgeWalk goes directly to this vital program and mostly importantly helps give babies a healthy start to their life. Join us in supporting this effort during the months of September and October!

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