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Survival rates for those with ovarian cancer haven’t improved in 50 years. But enough is enough — it’s time for change.

What you may not realize is that everyone with ovaries is at risk for this disease. In fact, this year, 3,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Each one of them someone’s daughter, partner, mother, and friend. Recurrence is common and more than half will not live to see another five years. There is no reliable screening test for this disease, no vaccine to prevent it.

Investment in ovarian cancer research has lagged well behind other cancers such as prostate and breast cancer, despite a comparatively worse prognosis. Survival rates for those with ovarian cancer have not improved in 50 years. But enough is enough, it’s time for change.

It’s time to make ovarian cancer a priority.

That’s why Ovarian Cancer Canada is here. We are filling a gap and earning international recognition for Canada as a leader in pioneering transformative research and discoveries. We are driving ovarian cancer research in Canada faster than ever before - building research capacity, unlocking insights into rarer forms of disease, and addressing urgent needs. This vital work and laser sharp focus includes stopping the disease before it starts.

We are on the cusp of breakthroughs that can change the face of this highly fatal disease for good. But we cannot do this without support. Now is the time. Will you join us?

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