Ovarian Cancer Canada

About 3,100 women across the country will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. More than half will not see another five years. These women deserve better.

Sylvie Halde was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 13 years ago. More than anything, she wanted to live. Today, she is speaking up for all women living with and at risk of the disease, and for those no longer with us. She hopes for new research discoveries and treatment options, and for more stories like hers. You can give hope to women like Sylvie by making a donation today.

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Your donation to Ovarian Cancer Canada is put to work immediately to help champion the health and wellbeing of women with ovarian cancer and others at risk of this disease, while advancing research to save lives.

Vero and SylvieSylvie knows the impact of your donations firsthand. As an active patient partner involved in Ovarian Cancer Canada’s OvCAN research initiative, she uses her experience to call attention to projects that will show meaningful results fast, and further knowledge the most to speed up discoveries. So that together, we can have the greatest impact as quickly as possible. Because most women with ovarian cancer do not have time to wait.

Donate today because women deserve to live life to the fullest. Together, we can light the path forward.

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