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Meet Christa Slatnik and Cindy Sanchez, twin sisters from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They can tell you more about ovarian cancer today than anyone knew when their mother, Cheryl Pragnell, was diagnosed.

Inspired by their mom, Christa and Cindy pursued careers in nursing. For years, they worked together on the same hospital ward where Cheryl was diagnosed, finding solace and purpose in walking alongside other women and families affected by this disease. The twins are also dedicated volunteers and supporters of Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Donate today to honour the women affected by this disease, while paving the way for women to live fuller, better, longer lives.

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Cheryl was a vibrant and loving wife, a mother, a sister, and aunt. Today, she is also “Angel Grandma” to the grandchildren she never got to meet.

When Cheryl was diagnosed in 1998, there were limited treatment options and she had little time left. Today there’s more awareness about ovarian cancer, researchers and scientists are learning more about this disease and ways to treat it, and women facing a diagnosis have a community of support.

There is still more work to be done, but you can help.

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Over 3,100 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year. One out of every two of them isn’t expected to live to see another five years. These women deserve better.

A donation to Ovarian Cancer Canada helps champion the health and wellbeing of women with ovarian cancer and others at risk of this disease while advancing research to save lives.

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