Ovarian Cancer Canada

My name is Erin Barrett. I am 39 years old and I’m a proud mother, wife, entrepreneur and business leader who is actively engaged in giving back to community. 

Four years ago, and 36 weeks into my pregnancy with my daughter Edith, I was experiencing such severe morning sickness and pain that I was forced to seek urgent medical attention. Doctors not only helped deliver my beautiful baby girl, but they also removed my volleyball-sized tumour.

In a way Edith saved my life and I am eternally grateful to her for that. But my journey with ovarian cancer didn’t end with the removal of that tumour. My personal and specific treatment plan was made possible because of ovarian cancer research. 

Research is teaching us more and more about this disease and how to treat it. Through Ovarian Cancer Canada, your investment funds research by some of the best and brightest scientists and researchers in Canada. 

Today, I’m surviving what we know is the most fatal gynecologic disease in Canada. I’m alive. I’m grateful, I’m inspired, and I’m hopeful because together, we can change the futures of girls and women in Canada. 

Be a catalyst for change. Donate to Ovarian Cancer Canada today and support a future for her.

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You can help ensure no woman facing this disease is alone. 

Even now while I cope with an ongoing fear of recurrence, facing early menopause and – as grateful as I am for my two children – not being able to have more children because of my treatments – I know I am not alone. Much of that comes from my connection to Ovarian Cancer Canada and the vast community of support it has built across the country. 

In June of this year, I attended a gathering of community supporters to send-off Cécile Hryhorczuk who embarked on a 5500-kilometre cross-Canada cycle in support of ovarian cancer research. This young woman, diagnosed with the disease and in treatment, was mustering all her strength to ride across the country, raise funds for research, and inspire others. 

Like Cécile, I am determined to do everything I can to see more women live fuller, better, longer lives. Are you?

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