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As we look to the path ahead, we are reminded of how much has already been accomplished by the invaluable efforts of our dedicated community through their support for initiatives like the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope. Read inspiring stories of community champions leading the way with hope, Teal Sisters living with ovarian cancer, and research advancements funded by your donations.

Mathieu, Eshana and Afshan

Resilience and a New Normal: Afshan’s Story
A story of resilience and hope

Tamara Peabody, Mapy Villaudy, Cindy Sanchez and Christa Slat

Spotlight: Winnipeg volunteer dedicated to supporting her ‘teal sisters’
Tamara’s story

Nathalie Poirier

Teal Sisters are ready to Walk and take important steps forward
Learn how Teal Sisters are making a difference

Peggy and one of her daughters at the 2002 Walk

Creating a time and space for the community
One woman’s mission to rally a nation

Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope peggy-truscott-s-story

Walk for HER: It starts with one person
Peggy Truscott's story 
Toronto, Ontario

Paving the way for a brighter tomorrow

Learn how generous donations are funding life-saving initiatives at the forefront of ovarian cancer research.


Research News
Stories of Canadian research efforts to improve outcomes for those living with ovarian cancer. 


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