About the Walk

The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is the largest and most powerful event of its kind in the country. It is the only walk in Canada to direct all attention and fundraising towards helping women and all those affected by ovarian cancer live fuller, better and longer lives.

Held annually during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September, this family-friendly event raises vital funds to provide support, fund much-needed research into prevention, improved treatments and ultimately, a cure.

This year, there are plenty of ways to get involved! You can register to walk virtually or in-person at locations across the country. Choose how and where you walk, and together, we can create a brighter future for those living with and at risk of ovarian cancer. Are you ready to take the next step?


Why walk?

 Walk because your loved ones are important to you. Walk for those who have been touched by ovarian cancer and for those who need to know more about the disease. Walk with hope in your hearts for a brighter tomorrow. This event rallies communities across the country and encourages people who have been affected by the disease to stand together in raising funds and demanding progress. All proceeds support Ovarian Cancer Canada, the only national charity dedicated to overcoming this disease.

To date, the Walk has raised over $31 million for life-changing programs and initiatives.

What Your Money Supports

These are some of the initiatives powered by the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope:

Support for Teal Sisters living with ovarian cancer and families

  • OVdialogue - an online community where Canadians living with ovarian cancer can connect for advice and encouragement. Everyone with this disease even in the most remote regions of Canada can stay in touch with those whose experiences reflect their own
  • Support workshops and education symposia free virtual events where experts from across the country share the latest information, research and developments with the community.
  • One-on-one support and information - provided directly to those affected and their families.
  • Advocacy efforts - ensuring that everyone, regardless of where they live in Canada, has access to the best available care and treatment.

Furthering progress against ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the most fatal women’s cancer in Canada. 3,100 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in Canada, and one out of every two women diagnosed with this disease will not live another five years.

But today - we are paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Ovarian Cancer Canada works with and for thousands of Canadians and families affected by this disease. Arm in arm, we are championing the health and wellbeing of those living with ovarian cancer, and those at risk, while advancing research to save lives.

Together, we can drive research further faster.

Funds raised in support of the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope support capacity building that ultimately enables ovarian cancer research in Canada to make new progress, after being overlooked and underfunded for decades.

  • Top ranked and peer reviewed research proposals are proceeding, taking advantage of strategic partnerships born out of Ovarian Cancer Canada’s longstanding commitment to maximizing every donated dollar.
  • Your support also helps inspire and attract some of the country’s brightest emerging minds, talented research trainees set on focusing their careers on overcoming this most fatal women’s cancer.
  • Capacity building is vital to ensure a sustainable future for research in this developing area. Ovarian cancer represents a variety of different types of diseases, each with a different origin and different responses to different treatments. Thus, we take a multi-pronged approach to ensure that all types of ovarian cancer, even the rarest ones, are prioritized.
  • Ovarian Cancer Canada projects span the research continuum from lab bench to bedside. They encompass the development of tools that enable study of this disease to testing novel treatments to initiation of clinical trials.
  • All decision-making pertaining to research is entrusted to experts in the field. Leading scientists are at the helm. Guided by the best available knowledge emerging evidence, and the lived experiences of those affected, they are deeply engaged in determining areas of greatest need and which research projects will do the most to advance knowledge, speed discoveries, and have meaningful impact. 

With your support, we can and will continue to ensure scientific progress and forward momentum. Precious lives depend on it, and our community deserves it

For more information on Ovarian Cancer Canada’s research initiative, please visit ovariancanada.org.

Rooted in the community

The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope was founded by Peggy Truscott in 2002. Peggy wanted to create a place where families and individuals living with ovarian cancer could connect with one another, surrounded by a community of support. With truckloads of sunflowers and her loved ones in tow, Peggy started a movement. To read Peggy's story, click here.

Take important steps today to create a brighter tomorrow. Are you ready to walk?

Choose how you’ll be joining us! Here is how you can register:

  1. Select if you are walking In-Person or Virtual,
  2. Choose a Walk location. If there is not a walk location near you, select Virtual as your walk location and join us from anywhere.*
  3. Register as an individual, start a team or join one!

*Even if you are walking virtually, you are encouraged to choose a walk location to show your support for your local community and be a part of the greater goal!

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Set a goal on your fundraising page and invite your friends and family to join you. The funds you raise can be gathered online or sent in by mail with pledge forms to:

Ovarian Cancer Canada
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205-145 Front Street East
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