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Speak out for comprehensive paid leave in D.C.

Speak out for comprehensive paid leave in D.C.


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Restore Personal Medical Leave and Pass the Universal Paid Leave Act!

Dear Chairman Mendelson,

As a resident of the District of Columbia, I urge you to restore personal medical leave to the Universal Paid Leave Act.

I need to know that my financial security won't be jeopardized when a serious personal medical or family caregiving need arises whether that is to care for a new child, help a seriously ill family member or deal with my own serious health issue.

I'm concerned that the Universal Paid Leave Act currently falls short of the comprehensive plan we need, and I urge you to strengthen the bill to better reflect both family caregiving and personal medical needs.

At a time when not nearly enough working people have access to employer-provided short-term disability insurance or other types of paid medical or family leave, we must do more to support people when new children join our families, when serious family illnesses or injuries arise, AND when serious personal medical needs arise.

The Universal Paid Leave Act will support the District's workers and the children and older people who rely on them. It will make the District a leader in attracting workers. It will strengthen our city. And it will do that better if both family care and personal medical leave are included.

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