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Senators: Reject Judge Gorsuch!

Senators: Reject Judge Gorsuch!

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Reject Judge Gorsuch! Change the nominee, not the Senate rules!

Dear Senator,

At this pivotal moment, the country needs a U.S. Supreme Court justice with a deep commitment to equal justice, privacy and fairness for women, people of color, workers, religious and ethnic minorities, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, seniors and every person who may face discrimination.

It is clear Judge Gorsuch cannot be relied upon to safeguard our civil rights and liberties and continue the progress toward equality for all. Instead, he would take us backward on reproductive rights and side with corporations over people.

Judge Gorsuch poses a fundamental threat to the rights and legal protections that are essential to fairness and equal opportunity in our country.

I urge you to block his nomination; the future of the country depends on it.

It's time to change the nominee, not change the rules.

Women and families are watching.

[Your Name]