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Take action to protect our care

Take action to protect our care

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Hands off our health care! Don't repeal the Affordable Care Act!

Dear Senator,

According to the latest score released by the Congressional Budget Office, the House Republicans' health care repeal bill would imperil the health and economic security of millions of women and families.

In particular, it would:

* Cause 23 million people to lose their health coverage;
* Defund Planned Parenthood;
* Make deep cuts to Medicaid;
* Make coverage in the marketplace more expensive and less comprehensive; and
* Allow states to strip away essential health benefit (EHB) and pre-existing condition protections that would take us back to a time when women had to pay more than men for the health care they need.

That's why I urge you NOT to repeal the Affordable Care Act and, instead, to protect our care and stand strong for women's health.

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