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Protect our care! Tell the Senate to hold public hearings on the health care repeal bill!

Protect our care! Tell the Senate to hold public hearings on the health care repeal bill!

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Hands off our health care! Don't repeal the Affordable Care Act!

Dear Senator,

We demand public hearings about the Senate's health care repeal bill before you vote on it.

Let us testify!

We are patients, friends, family caregivers, policy experts, advocates and medical professionals who believe you should hear directly from key stakeholders -- and those whose health care is at stake -- before you vote on any bill that would take away our health coverage, raise our costs or risk the protections we rely on every day.

Based on recent reporting, you're planning to vote before the July 4 recess. That means no debate. No real concern for the tens of millions of people who would lose health coverage.

That's totally unacceptable. You need to hear from ...

... the women across the country who would lose access to care if you repeal the Affordable Care Act and dismantle Medicaid

... the women in rural and underserved communities whose only access to health care is provided by Planned Parenthood clinics

... the parents of children who only have health care coverage because of Medicaid

... the children of elderly parents who rely on Medicaid for the care they need in nursing homes

... the 60-year-olds who need to retire early but won't be able to afford higher premiums for health coverage

... the expectant mothers who shouldn't have to worry about access to maternity care

... the doctors, nurses and caregivers who are dedicated to our patients receiving high-quality, affordable health care

... the millions of us who have pre-existing conditions who could lose coverage -- cancer patients, kids with asthma, seniors with Alzheimer's, diabetics, mothers who had c-sections, and so many others

We are your constituents. Let us testify.

Finally, instead of repealing the Affordable Care Act, the Senate should focus on improving health for women and families and expanding affordable, meaningful coverage and robust protections for everyone.

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