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Senators: Support the EMPOWER Act

Senators: Support the EMPOWER Act

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Congress: Support the EMPOWER Act to help stop harassment

Dear Senator,

Stopping harassment and violence against women and girls is the unfinished business of our time.

That's why I urge you to support the EMPOWER Act and make its passage a high priority.

The EMPOWER (Ending the Monopoly of Power Over Workplace harassment through Education and Reporting) Act is urgently needed legislation that will help stop sexual harassment and provide greater transparency when it does occur.

The protections in this bill would make a meaningful difference for women, including those who face the largest power imbalances in the workplace, such as domestic workers, farmworkers and restaurant and retail workers.

The bill takes a multi-faceted approach that includes prohibiting nondisparagement and nondisclosure clauses in employment agreements and requiring public companies to disclose the number of settlements and judgments, as well as repeat settlements with respect to individual perpetrators. These provisions, and others in the bill, would create powerful disincentives for companies to tolerate workplace harassment, helping make #TIMESUP for perpetrators.

Please co-sponsor the EMPOWER Act today.

Together, let's move our nation one giant step closer to the day when no woman has to say #MeToo again.

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