Tell Congress: The FAMILY Act meets the test!

Tell Congress: The FAMILY Act meets the test!

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Voters Across Parties Want a National Paid Leave Program that Covers Everyone. The FAMILY Act meets the test!

Dear Member of Congress,

Too many of us know the pain, sadness and anger of missing our baby's first smile or being kept from a dying parent in her last days. It's past time for change. I'm asking you to help fill the gaps left by the country's inaction on paid family and medical leave by passing a national paid leave program today.

I want to let you know that this isn't just my view. A national voter survey, conducted in July by PerryUndem and Bellwether Research & Consulting and released on August 8, 2018, finds that four in five voters support a national paid family and medical leave policy that covers all people who work for all serious family and medical leave needs. And, like me, the overwhelming majority say it is important for Congress to take action. There's a lot that Republicans, Democrats and independents don't agree on right now, but paid leave is an issue that unites us.

Details matter, though. Of four proposals tested in the national voter survey, the proposal based on the FAMILY Act ranked first among Democratic, Republican and independent voters -- 80 percent support it overall. A misguided plan to repurpose Social Security to help families afford paid parental leave ranks dead last and garners opposition from a majority of voters.

But the FAMILY Act isn't just good politics -- it's also good policy. It would:

* Boost women's labor force participation and earnings, increasing workplace equity for women; strengthening their families' financial security and growing the national economy;

* Make it easier for fathers to play an active role in a child's early months;

* Help older workers stay attached to the workforce and increase their retirement security;

* Cut by 7581% the share of working low-wage families who fall into dire financial straits and poverty and reduce use of public assistance and SNAP; and

* Help businesses afford paid family and medical leave for their employees no matter their size or industry.

Four states have successfully adopted paid family and medical leave insurance programs that have benefits for employees and employers alike -- and two more plus D.C. will be up and running by 2021. These newer state plans are even more expansive than the FAMILY Act in key ways.

But people should have access to paid leave no matter where they work or live or what job they hold -- and today more than 100 million people are left behind.

That's what the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act is all about -- and that's why I urge you to make families a top priority by passing the FAMILY Act. 100 million people and their loved ones will thank you.

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