Tell Congress: No Surprise Medical Bills! #PassABillOrPayMine

Tell Congress: No Surprise Medical Bills! #PassABillOrPayMine


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End surprise medical bills!

Dear Member of Congress,

Surprise billing happens when someone goes to a hospital that's IN their insurance network and UNKNOWINGLY receives treatment from an out-of-network physician or specialist, resulting in surprise medical bills that can amount to hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

It happens all too often. And it must end!

It's a big concern for me and my family. When I go to the hospital, I want to know that my services are covered by my insurance, and I won't face unexpected out-of-network care.

That's why I urge you to immediately pass the Lower Health Care Costs Act and No Surprises Act to end surprise medical bills.

We have waited long enough for these protections, which should also be designed to contain health care costs so we don't pay more in our insurance premiums.

Show you care about our health care: protect patients from surprise medical bills -- and stand up to Wall Street-backed companies that have been buying up doctor practices and profiting by pushing doctors out-of-network.

Support the Lower Health Care Costs Act and No Surprises Act today!

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