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Tell Congress: Support paid leave. Co-sponsor the FAMILY Act today!

Tell Congress: Support paid leave. Co-sponsor the FAMILY Act today!

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America needs a robust national paid leave program that checks all the boxes. Co-sponsor the FAMILY Act today!

Dear Member of Congress,

People across the country are working hard to make ends meet, yet the nation fails to provide the support they need to manage the demands of work and family, and that businesses and our economy need to thrive.

Consider this:

* Just 15 percent of the workforce has paid family leave through their employers;

* Less than 40 percent has personal medical leave through an employer-provided disability program;

* Nearly one quarter of mothers overall are back at work within two weeks of giving birth;

* Men now experience higher rates of work-life conflict than women;

* And at the other end of the caregiving spectrum, workers over 50 who leave the workforce to care for an aging parent lose, on average, more than $300,000 in earnings and retirement savings.

This must change.

The FAMILY Act, which would establish an affordable, sustainable national paid family and medical leave program, would:

* Boost women's labor force participation and earnings, increasing workplace equity for women; strengthening their families' financial security and growing the national economy;

* Make it easier for fathers to play an active role in a child's early months;

* Help older workers stay attached to the workforce and increase their retirement security;

* Cut by 75% the share of working low-wage families who fall into dire financial straits and poverty and reduce use of public assistance and SNAP; and

* Help businesses afford paid family and medical leave for their employees no matter their size or industry.

Four states have successfully adopted paid family and medical leave insurance programs that have benefits for employees and employers alike -- and a fifth plus D.C. will be up and running by 2020.

But people should have access to paid leave no matter where they work or live or what job they hold - and today more than 100 million people are left behind.

America needs a national paid family and medical leave insurance program that checks all the boxes and would benefit workers, their families, businesses and our economy.

That's what the Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) is all about -- and that's why I urge you to make families a top priority by co-sponsoring the FAMILY Act and advancing paid family and medical leave.

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