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Sign the Pledge: Paid Family and Medical Leave Now. For All of Us.

Paid leave is good for: workers, biz, family, economy

Our country is in the midst of an extraordinary, long-overdue reckoning that will advance gender equity and people’s personal and family security in important ways. People are coming together to demand change -- and guaranteeing paid family and medical leave for all is essential to advancing opportunity for all.

That’s why I pledge to take action in 2018 to help pass a meaningful national paid leave law -- like the FAMILY Act.

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Real paid family and medical leave means busting stereotypes about jobs, family and care that hold women and working people back. It means recognizing that our businesses and economy are stronger when people can provide for themselves and their families. It means respecting the diversity of families and care needs. It means protecting the health and economic well-being of working people, families and communities.