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Many Elders have no refrigerator and some, at most, a wood stove for heat and cooking. Their diet is often meager, irregular and a contributing factor in the diabetes and high blood pressure so many suffer from. Thank you for helping to provide nutritious food to Elders in need.

Your online donation is the most cost-efficient method of giving, allowing us to use more funds to help those we serve. If you would rather make a donation by phone, please call (800) 370-0872.  If by mail, please print this donation form and send it, along with your check made out to Northern Plains Reservation Aid™.

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$140 helps provide "Breakfast-in-a-Bag" for at least 5 Elders.

$105 helps provide "Breakfast-in-a-Bag" for at least 4 Elders.

$70 helps provide "Breakfast-in-a-Bag" for at least 2 Elders.

$35 helps provide "Breakfast-in-a-Bag" for at least 1 Elder.

Enter an amount you see fit to help provide Elders with Breakfast-In-A-Bag.

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