Help a Friend in Need with Emergency Relief

Help a Friend in Need with Emergency Relief
We all hope disaster never strikes but, inevitably, it does in the form of a blizzard or flood or wildfire. When an environmental emergency occurs for reservations in the Southwest desert, the storms can be severe and leave many Native Americans without heat, homes or help. Imagine finding yourself in this situation without access to a telephone or transportation or even a flashlight. It's too late then to stock up on emergency supplies and doing so is a luxury many Native American families cannot afford. A gift of $35 will help us stock our warehouse with emergency relief products such as blankets, gloves, flashlights, batteries, bottled water and dry goods. Give a gift to support our emergency services through our Navajo Relief Fund program. As a first responder for disaster relief, help us be ready "before" disaster strikes so that we can get there fast when help is needed.

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