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Give a gift that lasts all year

Give a gift of love to a child or Elder living on impoverished remote Native American reservations by choosing any product or service you like from below. So often, these vulnerable citizens are faced with a lack of hope for the future and now you can choose the perfect gift to brighten their lives through the year.

Once you've made your purchase, you'll be given the option of sending an Honor eCard to loved ones to let them know a gift has been made in their honor, if you like.

Gift products are presented for donation purposes only and are not available for individual sale. We apologize but only one honorary eCard is permitted per transaction. If you have more than one person to honor, please make separate donations.

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Click here for more information about Get an Elder Ready for the Harsh Winter

Get an Elder Ready for the Harsh Winter
Many parts of the Southwest can get very cold during winter nights. To help Elders and families prepare for severe cold weather, we provide winter readiness boxes. Each box contains blankets, scarves, gloves, candles, flashlight, batteries, ice melt and non-perishable food.* With this gift, they will be ready. (* Items may vary.)


Click here for more information about Show You Care with a Christmas Care Package

Show You Care with a Christmas Care Package
Any Elder receiving this special Christmas Care package will know they are cared for. We distribute thousands of Christmas Care packages to Elders each year. We fill a large bag with items that are frequently requested during the year. The contents include personal care items, a first aid kit, a smoke detector, blankets, a hat, gloves, socks, tea and cocoa and some non-perishable food.* Elders always appreciate receiving these items for the holiday, especially since they are so difficult to acquire on the reservation. (* items may vary)


Click here for more information about Help Provide Nutritious Food

Help Provide Nutritious Food
Elders use the Elder Nutrition Centers as a place to find a hot meal and to socialize. The food, of course, is important, but the benefits of keeping an Elder's mind active and engaged is priceless. Homebound elders are generally able to have their meal delivered to their homes from an ENC as well. $25 will help provide almost 227 servings, so your gift will go a long way.


Click here for more information about Promote Healthy Living

Promote Healthy Living
Covering basic needs is an easy way to show a Native American Elder how much you care. Help support Program Partners who are offering ongoing classes at regular intervals, home visits, or assistance with appointments that help inform people about health issues or health-related life topics. Classes may be exercise, parenting skills, career/life skills, or education about proper dieting and nutrition, diabetes, heart conditions, lifestyle, or anything health-related.


Click here for more information about Hug a Child in a Crisis

Hug a Child in a Crisis
The Hug-A-Bear Program was established several years ago to bring comfort to Native American children who are in a traumatic situation. CIN's staff gives new teddy bears and other stuffed animals to police officers, fire fighters, and Emergency Medical Technicians on reservations. The "Hug-A-Bears" are then distributed to children who have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event. Reservation police departments especially like the Hug-A-Bear Program because it helps them build a positive image in their communities. The program enables the police to establish a more trusting relationship with the children and their parents. One officer told us he keeps a big teddy bear in the back seat of his police car, safely buckled, of course! The bear is a great icebreaker with kids of all ages.


Click here for more information about Celebrate Community  with a Holiday Meal

Celebrate Community with a Holiday Meal
Celebrating the holidays together makes the season special. Many families who cannot afford to have special meals at home during the holidays are able to attend one of the community meals we sponsor. We provide the food and community volunteers prepare, serve and clean up after the meal. The food includes items like turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. * Everyone enjoys attending these meals to experience the strong sense of community and holiday spirit that is always present. (* items may vary)