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Increase Access to Telemedicine Services

Ask your state legislators to make specialized stroke care available to more people

Telemedicine services allow healthcare professionals with specialized training in stroke to treat patients in off-site locations. These services have the ability to bring specialty stroke care to areas of your state that don’t currently have access to it

Why is this important for the stroke community? Every minute counts when someone is having a stroke. Access to specialty stroke care can make the difference between life and death and give stroke survivors the chance at a better recovery. Tell your state legislators to support legislation that expands access to and reimbursement for telemedicine services.

Click the Take Action button at the bottom of this page to send your state legislators the message shown below. The message will be delivered to both your state representative (or assembly member) and state senator. Even though the message begins Dear [Representative or Assembly Member/Senator], their names will be automatically filled in before the message is delivered to them.

What else can you do? Follow up! This short video will provide you with ideas and tools to help you follow up with your state legislators—so you can make sure they take action on your request. (You must click the “play” button once the window opens.)

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Increase Access to Telemedicine Services

Dear [Representative or Assembly Member/Senator],

Every second counts when you're having a stroke. Telemedicine services bridge knowledge and geographic gaps in the healthcare system to provide stroke patients with critical care that can give them a better chance of survival and reduce the impact stroke has on their daily lives. I urge you to support legislation that expands access to or provides reimbursement for telemedicine services in our state.

Telemedicine services can bring specialized stroke care to residents of your state that don't currently have access to them. Having these services available can mean the difference between life and death for someone experiencing a stroke. It can also lessen the impact of stroke on a survivor. This outcome improves the post-stroke quality of life for the survivor. It also reduces the cost of their future care--for the survivor and their family and the healthcare system as a whole.

Many states have adopted measures mandating health insurers cover or reimburse for telemedicine services. I urge you to join them by supporting pending legislation to expand access to telemedicine services in our state.

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